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Boost Digestive Health, Ease Bloating, Support Immunity

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Ease Muscle Pain and Joint Stiffness

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Inflammatory Response

Stop Lip Outbreaks, Support Skin Health

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Clear Wellness 360 began with one man’s search for a solution to recurring cold sores.

Today, we are dedicated to empowering people to transform their health and wellness, from the inside out, with our scientifically backed formulas.

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Quality-assured, premium ingredients that meet the highest standards for extraction and production.

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Natural melatonin production

But the cycle is disrupted with too much light stimulation. So why not just take melatonin to fix things?

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Gut-Brain Health

Clear Brain & Mood + Clear Gut & Immunity Bundle

Targets the gut-brain axis for better focus, mood, and overall health.


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Lip & Skin Support

Clear Lip & Skin Health + Clear Gut & Immunity Bundle

Better immunity to fight cold sores and skin breakouts.


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Fine Tune Your Immune System

Clear Inflammatory Response + Clear Gut & Immunity Bundle

Ward off illness and combat chronic inflammation.


Quality sleep is essential for body, brain, and health

Enjoy more daytime energy for a more balanced life

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The Easiest Path to Clear Wellness

A morning ritual makes it easy to form consistent, healthy habits. Sign up for a subscription so you’ve always got your favorite formulas on hand.

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Stop worrying about that next outbreak

Clear Lip & Skin helps significantly reduce cold sore duration and severity

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The focus & energy you need to get back on track

Clear Brain & Mood helps increase mental performance, memory, focus & attention span

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Regain the confidence to enjoy the world again

Clear Gut & Immunity stargeted ingredients help boost immune response

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Never stop moving, your body will thank you

Clear Inflammatory Response soothes joint pain with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients

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Changing Lives

See how Clear Wellness 360 is helping others form healthy habits that help them be their best every day.

Clear Brain & Mood

“Brain fog has lifted, I’ve got so much more focus, so much more energy. “

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Clear Gut & Immunity

“This has been a life-changer for me and my quality of life has gone way up.” 

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Clear Inflammatory Response

“This helps your body to use inflammation in a way that actually heals and repairs your body” 

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Clear Lip & Skin Health

“It has a prebiotic and a probiotic blend in it - and I am also loving the benefits for my complexion! So it’s been kind of a game-changer for me.”

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