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Targeted Therapeutic Remedies Boosted by Probiotics

ProbioticsPLUS™ is a premium, targeted 3-in-one solution that delivers proven health remedies, supercharged by probiotics, and scientifically formulated to support your specific health needs.

In these proprietary formulations, the ingredients work together to restore or maintain a healthy gut biome, target specific health needs, and deliver effective and safe results.

Everything You Need – Nothing You Don’t

Why Does a Healthy Gut Matter?

With billions of bacteria concentrated in your digestive tract, how does your body maintain overall gut health? Your gut contains many good strains of bacteria, and some not-so-good ones. While your gut biome is in balance, everything works as it should – you feel healthy, energetic, and your digestion can feel like a well-oiled machine – but when these “bad” bacteria begin to take over you can experience many negative symptoms as a result (constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, low energy, decreased immunity and many others). When this good vs bad bacterial balance is disrupted, probiotics can help restore healthy gut flora.

While it is possible to slowly improve overall gut health through a healthy diet, and restoring the good bacteria, our ProbioticsPLUS™  formulations were uniquely created to provide the precise strain combinations and number of good bacteria (plus prebiotic nutrients and therapeutic ingredients) for fast, and effective results.

Aren't All Probiotics the Same?

The simple answer is no.

While Probiotics and prebiotics are two words you will see often when researching gut health, one refers to beneficial live bacteria (probiotics) and the other (prebiotics) to food that supports those bacteria and helps them to grow – and your body needs both.

Many available products call themselves prebiotic supplements. However, taking this without the probiotics isn't effective. It's also not helpful to just take probiotics because, without the prebiotics, those good bacteria cannot flourish.

Prebiotics are the necessary fiber and carbs that your body cannot digest. However, these are helpful to support the growth of the beneficial bacteria in your growth. They are a type of food for the good bacteria.

ProbioticsPLUS™ Is Comprehensively Different (& More Effective)

Our approach is built on the premise that supplementing the body with just prebiotics or just probiotics isn’t helpful. The ProbioticsPLUS™  methodology focuses on a 3-in-one capsule that specifically targets a specific health concern:

Clear ProbioticsPLUS step 1, selecting the most effective probiotic strains, that are scientifically supported to produce great gut health

Selecting the most effective probiotic strains that have been proven by science to address those needs, and ensuring they are in the correct therapeutic dosage for maximum effect

Clear ProbioticsPLUS Step 2 is to add the prebiotic ingredients to feed and support the good gut bacteria from Step 1

Combining the carefully selected probiotics with an effective blend of prebiotics to feed the good gut bacteria

Clear ProbioticsPLUS Step 3 adds therapeutic ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, herbs, adaptogens, mushrooms, and more to target your specific health needs

Adding adaptogens, herbs, amino acids, and/or vitamins to amplify the positive impacts for faster and more effective results

Don’t Forget that our ProbioticsPLUS™ products are delivered to your gut biome using patented delayed release veggie technology that protects the ingredients from harsh intestinal conditions, ensuring the good bacteria make it all the way to your gut, where they can help the most.

Our Premium Ingredients Provide a Full Spectrum of Nutrients

Unlike most supplements companies who chose the lowest cost method of ingredient extraction, Clear Probiotics uses only quality-assured, premium ingredients that satisfy the highest standards for extraction and production.

  • Our Probiotics are manufactured in specialty Probiotic manufacturing FDA-inspected facilities that meet the highest standard of cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices).
  • All of our Herbs use the Full-Spectrum/Whole Herb extraction method that involves no toxic solvents, ensuring that you get not only the single active ingredient, but all of the supporting nutrients and metabolites that ensure their efficacy and safety. 
  • For our adaptogenic mushrooms, we ensure that these include the entire fruiting body, so that you receive not just active ingredient extracts like other products but all of the metabolites, glucans, and other beneficial nutrients!

ProbioticsPLUS™ is a 3-in-one premium solution for gut health (and more) that combines a synergistic blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and therapeutic ingredients.

In these proprietary formulations, the ingredients work together to restore or maintain a healthy gut biome, target specific health needs, and deliver effective and safe results.

Our Thorough Testing Ensures the Best Results & Safety

Every Clear Probiotics product is thoroughly tested for purity, potency, and safety. This ensures you receive exactly what we promise each time you purchase one of our products.

Every time you choose a ProbioticsPLUS™ 3-in-one premium solution for gut health, you are choosing the most effective and safest solution available. We are so confident in your success with our products, we offer an unconditional one-year money-back guarantee so that there is no risk involved in trying Clear Probiotics – only results!