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Clear Lip & Skin Health
Marlene Aramburo

I take them to prevent cold sores and i haven’t gotten any in over a year.

Clear Lip & Skin Health 2-Pack

This product works 100x better than prescribed medicine. It gives you the confidence to never worry again. Pricey but worth it.

Five Stars!

I noticed since I've been taking your product, my mood has been much more positive and less brain fog.

Clear Wellness 360

Haven’t noticed any improvement in my health since taking this product. Not sure what I should expect

Great probiotics

I have tried different products of Clear Wellness, because these probiotics help me with my digestion. About trying Clear inflammatory Response, it also helps with my digestion, but also I have noticed my fingers relieved from some pain caused by inflammation, I think it has helped me, I will keep using them. Great antibiotics with natural anti inflammatory additives


I have my memory improved, had a good restful sleep and my enery and positivity increased.

This, along with better living, my hair and skin have improved so much!!!

Clear Sleep
Jacob Beiler
Great product

It just plain works!!!

Clear Sleep
Ann Keating
Sleeping like a baby…

Since starting the supplement, I am falling asleep easier and staying asleep longer. Ordering more now! I’ve also shared this with everyone I know who is struggling with sleep.

Blood Sugar helper

I bought this product for my gut health but it turned out to have the added benefit of helping regulate my blood sugar levels, likely on account of the tiger tail.

Clear Lip & Skin Health
Candice SCHUFF
Great product! Will keep buying!!

I think this product really helps with fever blisters. I take them everyday to prevent and when they do still pop up, they heal so much faster, but I also take double the dose when this happens.

No Cold Sores Since Taking

Been 6 months since my last cold sore

Clear Sleep
Shondell James
Clear Sleep

This did not work for me, it made things worse.... I couldn't sleep at all; was wide awake 🙄 😒

Clear Sleep
James Solomon

Clear Sleep

Clear Lip & Skin Health
Rebecca Clarke
Healing Ingredients

My son, daughter and I have seen improvements in our skin health- with texture and elasticity and healing from deep-seated acne and scars.

Clear Inflammatory Response

After using this supplement for just a few weeks, I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in pain and stiffness in my legs and back. Getting off anti inflammatory meds is my goal.

Great Probiotic

I’ve been taking these for a few months and they have helped lower the inflammation in my body. I had very loose stools before and now I have more frequent solid stools.

It actually works!!

I’ve been taking this for about a year now and have not had a single cold sore. I used to get at least one cold sore every other month before taking Clear. It is amazing and has been life changing!

Clear Sleep
Robert Gavrel
I'm sleeping better ever since taking Clear Sleep

Clear sleep has been helping me fall asleep faster and staying asleep throughout out the night and has me feeling energized every morning after getting 7-8 and sometimes 9 hours of sleep everyday!

Clear Gut & Immunity
Susan Cooper
Great probiotic

I started taking Clear 360 for gut health when I was taking an antibiotic and I continued to take it because it has improved my overall digestive system

Clear Gut & Immunity
Tony Lettera
Did not help

I bought this to reduce bloating and gas. No change

I love these probiotics

I have used the inflammation, clear skin and immunity for a year now. I take inflammation and immunity for 3months then skin and immunity. I can tell the difference when I go without them. I am almost out and will continue to order.

Clear Brain & Mood
Sue Drinovsky

I love the happiness I receive from Clear brain and mood.

Clearly reduces inflammation

Feeling a great improvement in flexibility and reduction of painful and stiff joints after using this product.

Great Gut Remedy

This product was very helpful in calming my wife’s colitis… Her gut is less bloated and bowel movement frequency diminished greatly. A superior blend of targeted products!