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How One Man's Passion Lead to Innovative, Scientifically-Proven Probiotics-Based Supplements

It's never a secret when an unsightly cold sore pops up on your lip. There's no hiding it and often, the treatment is a prescription medication. But what options are there if you prefer to heal your cold sore or reduce breakouts naturally? That was precisely what Clear Probiotics founder, Greg Brauser, searched for but never found.

You see, when Greg was in high school, he got his first cold sore. And what started out as a couple days worth of embarrassment and hiding turned into years of internalized shame and humiliation.

He skipped social events, avoided dating, and felt like an awkward outsider in what should have been some of the most memorable years of his life.

It’s not that there weren’t solutions out there to cover up his symptoms. He tried them all.

But he had been health conscious since he was young and always felt like he was doing more harm than good by putting chemicals into and onto his body.

So for a long time, he suffered in silence and in private.

But, when Greg failed to find a natural product that contained the ingredients he felt were crucial to his mission, he worked with experienced formulators to create a solution that would both work and meet his needs for something completely natural. It was an all-natural probiotic supplement containing L-Lysine, Vitamin C and Prebiotics that targeted his specific health issue. The concept for this product focused on "health starts in the gut."

Armed with the understanding that an improved digestive system can support health and wellness, Greg wanted to share this product with more than just friends and family. He knew that the science was solid and that people are always looking for ways to feel better, have more energy and protect against illness.

Finding the Clear Path to Health & Wellness

Health is wealth, thats our philosophy here at Clear Probiotics. Thats why we make the best in synergistic probiotics plus formulations for specific health conditions.

Based on its initial success, Greg  felt confident that he could continue his mission of helping people with targeted, natural health solutions. After months of scientific research, collaboration, design and development,Greg finally debuted a new targeted health and wellness supplement company, Clear Probiotics.

Using their proprietary ProbioticsPLUS™ formulation method, the result was a unique, science-backed blend of probiotics, prebiotics and therapeutic ingredients that all work in harmony to deliver an effective yet safe solution to improve gut health and overall wellness. Greg Brauser had created the natural product he had envisioned.

Clear Probiotics Connection To The Gut-Brain Axis

Clear Probiotics’ unique approach to health and wellness was to address what other supplements at the time were not: The Gut-Brain Axis.

The Gut-Brain Axis is a fancy way of saying that your gut acts as a second brain. Of course, this gut-brain doesn't think or create, but it does communicate with our actual brain. Your second brain is in charge of digestion, from the moment you swallow, through the entire process of breaking down food, nutrient absorption until elimination. 

Researchers now understand that there is a direct connection between digestion, moods, cognition and your overall health. While this explanation is quite simplified, each Clear Probiotics product is rooted in the scientific understanding that improving your gut health has favorable therapeutic effects on all other areas of your body.

Probiotic strains are hard to photograph. Clear Probiotics utilizes scientifically backed probiotic strains to ensure maximum benefits

Superior Strains

When it comes to probiotic strains, we believe less is more. Other companies claim that the more strains you take, the better your health will be. You won’t find a long list of probiotic strains in ineffective amounts on our labels. You will find carefully researched beneficial bacterium that matches the health issue they are most effective in helping. Each capsule contains prebiotics, a high-fiber food, to ensure the living microorganisms in your gut are well-fed and able to flourish. Our dosages are therapeutic so you receive just the right amount to optimize the desired health effect.

Proprietary Method

Most mushroom supplements use only mycelium extracts in their formulations which may be faster and easier but produce a far inferior product with limited benefits. Clear Probiotics features a patented process that utilizes the entire fruiting body of each mushroom. Because each extract is 100% mushroom, you receive a higher quality and superior concentrate of the essential compounds. This method delivers the maximum benefit from each ingredient in every dose.

Clear Probiotics utilizes several kinds of adaptogenic mushrooms, utilizing the whole fruiting body in the product formulation process to ensure you get the full scope of healthy nutrients
Clear Probiotics sources the highest quality ingredients such as probiotic strains, prebiotics, vitamins, herbs, adaptogenic mushrooms, amino acids, and more.

Full Spectrum Extracts

When adding herbs to our probiotic-based formulas, our whole herb extraction method is similar to using the whole fruiting body of  mushrooms. Each botanical ingredient is a full-spectrum extract that preserves all the active natural chemicals of the entire herb that provide a therapeutic effect on the body. This process maintains the whole herbs' benefits because the extract has the same balanced chemical composition as the plant itself.

Maximized Survivability

Getting the beneficial ingredients to the gut where they perform their work is crucial to the success of our product. Our patented slow-release veggie capsules are acid-resistant, ensuring your probiotic blend is delivered safely. Upon arriving in the gut, the probiotic flora flourishes & grows, creating a healthy microbiome that effectively absorbs your daily dose of adaptogens, prebiotics, herbs & minerals.

Why Clear Probiotics Is
The Best Supplement For Gut Health

A healthy gut is the foundation for good health and our products are designed to support your wellness from the inside out. Clear’s ProbioticsPLUS™ approach ensures that each supplement contains the most effective probiotic strains to address the targeted health concern. Each Clear Probiotics supplement is carefully crafted with high-quality, non-GMO, vegan-friendly ingredients and is made in the USA. Our ingredients are backed by scientific research and clinically proven to work together to support a healthy digestive system. We are confident that you will find Clear Probiotics supplements to be the most effective and efficient at providing the desired therapeutic results on the market today.

And our 365-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee enables us to deliver on that promise.

You can try us out, Risk-Free!