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Clear Buddy Organic Kids Probiotic Gummies
Ingredient list, best Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies Probiotics Plus | Clear Probiotics
Clear Buddy Organic Kids Probiotic Gummies
best Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies supplements | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies supplements | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies supplements | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies supplements | Clear Probiotics

Clear Buddy Organic Kids Probiotic Gummies

Premium Organic Clear Wellness 360 Blend to Support Your Kid's Optimum Digestive & Immune Health
• Promotes healthy immune function*
• Helps balance kids' gut bacteria*
• Supports healthy, regular bathroom habits*
• Great tasting strawberry flavor kids love
• Includes Patented Bacillus subtilis probiotic strain
• USDA Certified Organic

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All Clear Probiotics supplements are Non-GMO certified, 100% Vegan, and soy, preservative, artificial flavor and color free. Our ProbioticPLUS™ formulations are backed by a 365 day money back guarantee and vigorously tested for quality and potency

Organic Immune Support for Kids...Peace of Mind for You

Premium Probiotics to Boost Immunity and Promote Gut Health

Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies are specially formulated to help keep your kids healthy.

Made with the patented strain Bacillus subtilis DE111®, Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies increase the good bacteria in your little one's gut, giving them extra protection against bad bugs that could make them sick.

And unlike adult probiotics, Clear Buddy is a soft, delicious gummy they only need to take once per day. Even picky eaters can't resist the sweet, strawberry flavor and the satisfying chewy texture of Clear Buddy!

With 2.5 billion CFU of immune-boosting probiotics, Clear Buddy is the natural choice for parents who want to keep their little ones safe and healthy.

Replenishes Healthy Gut Bacteria

Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies are packed with 2.5 billion CFU of Bacillus subtilis DE111®, a probiotic with proven gut-boosting effects. For growing children, good gut health can have a lifelong impact.

Read the science: Link

Supports Good Immune Function*

By increasing good bacteria, Clear Buddy can help crowd out "bad bugs" that make kids sick. Healthier kids means fewer sick days and missed classes, and less stress for your family. 

Read the science: Link

Promotes Healthy Bathroom Habits*

In a scientific study from 2020, Bacillus subtilis DE111® was shown to help prevent irregularity, constipation, and diarrhea. Now bathroom time can be smooth and easy for your little one.

Read the science: Link

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Virginia Harris
My daughter loves these

Im also taking a product from Clear and love the results. So I bought these for my daughter (first grade) and she loves the flavor. We take our probiotics every morning before school and she likes that I do it with her. I see a lot of improvement in her bathroom time, her appetite, her sleep, her overall health, etc. I have recommended these to several other moms already.

So good...

We started Kindergarten, so we wanted a high quality daily probiotic to help defend against the petri dish of germs. My daughter takes these no problem, loves the flavor, and I can see the positive health rewards in so many ways with her. Great product. Highly recommend to all my parent friends.

My Kids Love these

I just starting giving my sons Clear Buddy. He loves the taste and I feel safer sending him to school every day.


Immune-Boosting Ingredients,
Backed by Science

Each organic Clear Buddy Kids gummy is packed with ultra-premium Bacillus subtilis DE111® – the proven, scientifically-supported probiotic strain for kids

  • Promotes healthy immune function
  • Helps balance gut bacteria
  • Supports healthy bathroom habits
  • Great tasting strawberry flavor kids love
  • Tested for purity, potency and safety
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • No GMOs, Artificial Flavors, Fillers, or Sweeteners
  • Contains: 30 gummies
  • Daily dosage: 1 gummy

Probiotic: Bacillus subtillis DE111®

(2.5 Billion CFU)

Studies show Bacillus subtilis DE111® can help control bad gut bacteria, aid digestion, and help maintain general health. And due to its unique spore-forming ability, DE111 works in a wide temperature and pH range, making it ideal for supplements.

Read the science: Link

How To Use

Works Fast, Easy to Use

Step 1: Take 1 gummy with food, every day

Step 2: Enjoy the flavor

Step 3: Feel your digestive system and systemic health improve, and an increase in your energy levels and mood.

Store in a convenient place on the counter. No refrigeration required.

Consistency is the Key

The only way to achieve the maximum benefit of your chosen ProbioticsPLUS™ product is to take it every single day as suggested. Just like any other commitment to self-improvement or optimal health, commitment and consistency are the keys to success.

If you run, jog or walk to maintain optimum fitness and cardiovascular health, you already know that getting there requires a commitment to regular exercise. And you also know that you can’t achieve the optimal benefits in a single day, week, or month. You can achieve these incrementally, with noticeable results after each completed week, month and year.

As it is with Probiotics-based supplements, and nearly every other type of medicine or treatment, taking your capsules every single day will enable you to obtain the full range of benefits from your ProbioticsPLUS product. We will be with you every step, with emails that educate you on what to expect along the way, tips on how to achieve maximum health, and we will be there to answer any questions you may have.

So, keep those capsules close, take them daily, and feel the power of your ProbioticsPLUS™ solution!

Probiotic FAQ's

Your most frequently asked probiotic questions, answered!

What are probiotics and why are they so beneficial?

A probiotic is a living microorganism, like bacteria or yeast. Humans contain trillions of these organisms in their digestive tract. Probiotics play a crucial role in balancing the microbial environment and improving overall digestive health. Most of the bacteria present in probiotic supplements are similar to the good bacteria that naturally occur in the human gut. When administered in adequate amounts, they deliver numerous health benefits. Probiotics help block pathogenic bacteria from establishing residence in the gut, aiding our body with digestion and maintaining gut health. They also assist our immune system in warding off infections.

How do I take Probiotics?

Follow the usage instructions on the label. Typically with Clear products, take one or 2 capsules daily, depending on the instructions on the label. Probiotics can be taken with or without food.

How do I know which probiotic supplement would be best for my children?

Choosing a probiotic involves considering several key factors. These consist of the match of the strain(s) to your desired effect (most importantly), the correct therapeutic culture count (CFU count), guaranteed testing for purity, potency and stability, clear instructions and label information, manufacture using cGMP (Good Manufacturing Principles), and a visible expiration date.

For more information, read our blog article on Choosing The Right Probiotic

Are there any common side effects that go along with taking probiotics?

Some people may experience gas and bloating when first taking probiotic supplements. It is a common side effect that usually subsides after a few days.

Is there a potency guarantee for your probiotics?

Clear Wellness 360, we guarantee that all of our supplements will meet their potency claim as long as they are stored properly, until the expiration date listed on the label.