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7 Signs You May Have Advanced Mental Decline

7 Signs You May Have Advanced Mental Decline

Dec 01, 2022

Ever notice any of the following issues show up out of the blue?

Like increased memory loss (you can’t remember where you parked your car at the grocery store)

Struggling to learn new things (going to the museum and glazing over)... 

Difficulty concentrating (and you catch yourself scrolling aimlessly on social media)...

Difficulty organizing thoughts and thinking logically (the crossword puzzle seems impossible)...

Shortened attention span (you struggle to stay watching the news to the end)... 

Problems coping with new situations (especially when you’re on vacation)...

Misplacing things more often (like you can’t find your favorite sweater)...

If you’re suffering from one or more of these symptoms - especially memory loss no matter what you do - then chances are you are showing the early signs of advanced cognitive impairment. And here’s why: 

What Happens To Your Brain As You Age 

Starting at age 45, your brain starts to get smaller at up to 5% per decade. (1) 

Sure, 5% might not sound like a lot. But if you think about it over the course of a few decades - that’s a 15% loss of your brain size!

That’s almost a fifth of your brain - shriveled like a raisin. 

Which explains why when you walk into a room and meet someone new, you can’t remember their name 30 seconds later… or you can’t find your phone… or unexpectedly get lost on the way to Church. 

These are classic signs of your brain getting smaller and the early onset of advanced cognitive impairment. 

Even more shocking… Brain shrinkage speeds up to 8.2% once you hit your late 60s. 

Scary, I know. 

What’s worse is doctors would say brain cells just die as you get older which would cause mental decline - unfortunately it’s just a normal part of aging and there’s nothing you can do. 

But that’s simply not true.

That’s because thanks to this breakthrough research… We now have a natural solution to reverse this shrinkage of the brain - even if there’s nothing on Earth we can do to reverse cell death.

Nobel Prize Winning Research Shows How To STOP Age Related Mental Decline

Part of the reason why no one talks about brain shrinkage as you age is because there was nothing you could do about it… 

Until now.

See, a Nobel prize winning scientist Rita Levi-Montalcini discovered a little known chemical that helps nerve cells grow like crazy. (2)

I’m talking billions of new cells… almost overnight.

Crazy, right? 

It’s almost like these cells “reinflated” like a balloon.

And just take a look at this image below:

brain cell growth

On the left is a nerve cell in the brain lying dormant...which is common to see after 45.  And on the right is that same brain cell just 30 seconds after the tiniest drop of this chemical was added to it. 

I’m talking 1/100,000th of a milligram. Which is so small, you wouldn’t even be able to see it. 

That’s how powerful this chemical is. 

And imagine the difference it could make in your life…

As your brain reinflates, this amazing chemical helps you create billions of new connections, sending and receiving electrical signals that carry thoughts and store memories… 

And suddenly you have razor sharp focus, better memory, it’s easy to concentrate on even the most difficult task and your ability to recall new information is out of this world. 

That’s what’s possible when you “re-inflate” these brain cells that have shrunk over time. 

What Is This Game Changing Chemical?

This tiny chemical is known as Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). And not only does it create new healthy brain cells, it works quickly to reverse brain shrinkage. 

Researchers at the University of California in San Diego looked at the brains of monkeys who were the equivalent age of late 60’s.

More than half their brains had shrunk by over 10%. And worse, the remaining brain cells had shrunk so much they were barely visible.

Just like a deflated balloon that had withered away. 

Now here’s where it gets interesting… 

When doctors injected pure NGF into the monkeys’ brains… 

They remarkably “reinflated” their shrunken brain and sprang back to life. Even better, researchers were able to detect 90% of brain function that would be considered normal for a younger monkey. (3)

That means they were able to restore youthful cognitive function, enhance memory storage and recall, thinking, concentration, learning and more. 

But let’s be real… who wants to have something injected into their brains? 

Not me, that’s for sure. 

Yet THIS “King of the Jungle” nutrient works faster AND better than pure NGF to boost memory and focus 

Nature has the best solution…

And this little known nutrient has the power to stimulate the production of NGF better and faster than the pure NGF that was inserted into the brains of monkeys I mentioned a moment ago. 

In fact, when researchers put it to the test they were amazed! (4)

It’s efficacy was found to be higher than those from known nerve growth factors like Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain Nerve Growth Factor (BNGF)... it was also confirmed the [extract] reacted with the nerve cells within 30 minutes after adding the sample, compared to 80 minutes in adding the two other growth factors. 

Research shows this “King of the Jungle” nutrient could grow new neurons AND improve function of those neurons 90% FASTER than NGF.

What makes this even more exciting is you don’t need injections to get memory boosting, brain enhancing benefits. 

No side effects, no risk, no pain.

So whether you’re struggling with memory loss, brain fog, and unable to focus on simple tasks… (or even worse…)

Or worried about the future of your mental health… 

Now we have new hope! And I highly recommend you check out this natural solution below: 

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