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Bifidobacterium Longum | Clear Probiotics

Bifidobacterium Longum

Jan 19, 2022

Understanding The Health Benefits of Bifidobacterium Longum

Bifidobacterium Longum is a good bacteria mainly found in babies' guts but can be present in adults. This bacteria is added to probiotic supplements but occurs naturally in fermented foods like yogurt or kimchi.

The Clear Story of Bifidobacterium Longum

In 1889, a pediatrician doing microbiome research named Henry Tissier discovered this probiotic strain of bacteria. It is prevalent in the feces of infants and resembles the letter "Y". Dr. Tissier named this strain based on its unique shape. "Bifid" is the Latin root that describes the split that makes the rod-shaped microorganism look like a "Y" [2].

Good gut microbes such as B. Longum live in the gastrointestinal tract of the human body. Bifidobacterium Longum is the first strain to grow in the intestines during fetal development. This naturally occurring bacteria helps babies digest breastmilk sub or formula. About 60% of an infant's gut flora, or microbial community, is Bifidobacterium Longum, unlike adults who may only have 10% or less. Full-term babies born naturally often have higher amounts of B. Longum in their digestive tract. Babies born early or by C-Section have fewer bacteria found in their gut [3].

Bifidobacterium Longum is a multifunctional probiotic strain known to restore and maintain a healthy gut. It safely passes through the stomach's acidic environment to the intestines. Once there, it helps prevent harmful bacteria and pathogens from harming the digestive system. Good bacteria like B. Longum attach to cells in the gastrointestinal tract leaving nothing for harmful bacteria to attack [4].

It is also known as a psychobiotic because of its positive influence on the gut-brain axis (GBA) and the resulting benefits on brain and mental health.

Benefits of B. Longum

Maintaining the proper balance of good and bad microorganisms in your body's gut flora (or microbiome) is crucial to ensuring a healthy immune system. Adding a daily probiotic supplement that contains Bifidobacterium Longum can boost immunity and help your body fight infections. In addition, research has shown that it provides protection from respiratory illnesses, including influenza (the "flu"). It has also been found to reduce symptoms and inflammation associated with ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, and chronic fatigue syndrome [4].

B. Longum helps make bowel movements regular and relieves constipation. Whether it's eating foods that contain Bifidobacterium Longum or taking a probiotic supplement, there is evidence that it supports healthy adults and the elderly in having more frequent bowel movements. Relieving gastrointestinal symptoms can also positively impact the quality of a person's life [5].

It's well-known that good health begins with a healthy gut, and Clear Probiotics is committed to supporting your overall wellness. Products from Clear Probiotics support healthy digestion and proper function of the GI tract. When the inflammation in your digestive system is eliminated, it works smoother, the discomfort disappears and nutrient absorption is improved. This process not only supports your body's immunity but also gives you an energy boost, helps balance your mood, and improves your overall health.

More research is necessary, but probiotics like Bifidobacterium Longum may offer relief from allergies and skin conditions. It may also help lower cholesterol but more clinical studies are needed to support this claim scientifically.

How is Bifidobacterium Longum Used?

The most common use for Bifidobacterium Longum is to prevent diarrhea in infants and adults. However, it's also regularly used to replenish good gut bacteria after a bout of diarrhea, antibiotic use, or cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

You can add B. Longum to your diet by using any of the following:

  • Fermented foods (yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut & cheese)
  • Fermented drinks (kombucha, kefir, cultured teas)
  • Fermented greens drink mixes
  • Probiotic powders
  • Probiotic liquids
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Clear Probiotics supplements

High-quality supplements from Clear Probiotics are the easiest and most efficient way to get your daily dose of Bifidobacterium Longum as well as a proprietary blend of select probiotics, medicinal mushrooms (prebiotics), and herbs.

Why Clear Probiotics Utilizes Bifidobacterium Longum

Clear Probiotics selected Bifidobacterium Longum due to a long, consistent history of helping adults with gastrointestinal issues, as well as its psychobiotic benefits for cognitive function, memory and mood.

B. Longum is used in Clear Gut & Immunity as well as Clear Brain & Mood.

Each ingredient in our line of Clear Probiotic supplements has been specially curated to restore and maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria found in healthy digestive systems. A happy, healthy gut also gives your immune system a boost and contributes to your overall health and wellness.

The Science of Bifidobacterium Longum/ The Research Behind Bifidobacterium Longum

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This easy-to-read overview focuses on the bacterium itself, what role it plays in your body, and its safety. You'll find a detailed list of its varied uses and effectiveness for specific conditions.

17 Scientific Health Benefits of Bifidobacterium longum

Physician written and reviewed article discussing the possible health benefits of Bifidobacterium Longum. Studies listed prove that this good bacteria helps decrease inflammation related to several conditions.

Bifidobacterium Longum: Protection against Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Journal of Immunology Research

Medical journal article discussing the benefits of B. Longum to protect against IBD and how the body utilizes this unique probiotic.

The Efficacy of Bifidobacterium longum BORI and Lactobacillus acidophilus AD031 Probiotic Treatment in Infants with Rotavirus Infection

After being treated with probiotics, researchers studied children with diarrhea due to rotavirus. The children taking the supplement had their diarrhea clear up quicker, which is vital because diarrhea in infants can be fatal in developing countries.


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