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The Best 5 Kids Probiotic Gummies 

The Best 5 Kids Probiotic Gummies 

Nov 03, 2022

One of the most important things to a parent is how they can keep their children  healthy. You receive non-stop information about what you should or could be doing to protect your little ones at any given age, which makes finding the right answers difficult.

One option that more and more parents are interested in is probiotics. 

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you, especially your digestive system.

kids probiotic gummy

Probiotics work within your gut to boost your immune system and benefit digestive health by supporting the growth and development of healthy bacteria. They can help reduce the risk of colic, severe allergies, and diarrhea brought on by medication or infection.

If you’re interested in probiotics for your children, take a look at our top 5 picks for the very best probiotic gummies made for kids below!

Are Probiotics for Kids Safe? 

Researchers are still learning about the full range of benefits that probiotics provide to both adults and children. This ongoing research makes it impossible to say definitively how helpful probiotics are in kids.

Probiotics contain live, healthy bacteria that naturally occur in the human body.

This bacteria is part of your body’s microbiome, where good and bad bacteria are constantly fighting for supremacy. When the balance of your microbiome is upset, you become more susceptible to infection and illness.

Benefits of probiotics include:

Probiotics can be found in different foods like yogurt, pickles, and sourdough bread. Or you can get your probiotics through supplements such as capsules, powders, tablets, and gummies.

Because there is no way of knowing how much bacteria survives in processed foods, supplements are an option for those that want to give their child’s gut a boost. 

Ask your doctor if taking probiotics is a good idea for you. In general, probiotic  supplements are believed to be safe for most people, although some people with immune system problems or other serious health conditions shouldn't take them.

In some cases, mild side effects might include an upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, and bloating for the first couple of days after you start taking them. They may also trigger allergic reactions. Stop taking them and talk to your doctor if you have problems.

Talk to your pediatrician about probiotics if you’re thinking about getting some for your child. They will help you come to the best decision for your situation and make sure you’re doing what’s best for your little ones before you take the plunge.

Why Choose An Organic Kids Probiotic Gummy? 

Ingredients are a big deal when choosing a probiotic that’s best for your family. 

kids probiotic gummy

Organic probiotic gummies are a great choice because they are made with only the best ingredients that help support your child’s health along with the probiotics themselves.

These kinds of gummies eliminate the worry about artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives in a supplement that’s meant to boost gut health.

Our top choice for a kids probiotic gummy is the Clear Buddy Kids Probiotic Gummies

The USDA Certified Organic Premium Organic ProbioticsPLUS™ Blend supports your child's optimum digestive & immune health by:

• Promoting healthy immune function*
• Helping balance kids' gut bacteria*
• Supporting healthy, regular bathroom habits*

Made with the patented strain Bacillus subtilis DE111®, Clear Buddy Kids Organic Probiotic Gummies increase the good bacteria in your little one's gut, giving them extra protection against bad bugs that could make them sick. 

Do Kids Probiotic Gummies Work?

This is a tough question to answer, but the long and short of it is — yes, as far as anyone knows.

Science has made huge strides in the world of health but there are still some unanswered questions about probiotics as a whole.

There have been promising results in studies that show probiotics may help treat inflammatory bowel disease, colic, constipation, and even upper respiratory tract infection.

kids probiotic gummy

By balancing out the natural biome of bacteria in the body, probiotics give it a way to fight illness, infections, and diseases.

However, every microbiome is as different as the person who houses it, so what works for one kid might not work for another. Where one strain of probiotics helps, another might not do anything. 

But these healthy little bacteria are only around to give you a boost, and in that respect, they most definitely work as hard as they possibly can!

Pros and Cons of Kids Probiotic Gummies

It’s always recommended to talk to your doctor or your child’s pediatrician before starting supplements of any kind. Getting all the facts available will help you make more informed decisions about your health and the health of the ones you love the most

The Pros of Kids Probiotic Gummies

That said, pros probiotic gummies for kids are pretty easy to see. Probiotics are the good guys in the wonderful world of your body. They work to eliminate any bad bacteria that want to make you or your child feel sick.

This could be anything from a simple upset stomach to more serious illnesses.

By taking probiotics, you’re supporting the healthy bacteria so that they can support your health in return.

probiotic for kids

There are many different ways to add probiotics into your diet every day. Probiotic gummies offer a quick, easy solution for anyone of any age to supplement their natural intake of probiotics.

They’re a great for kids who aren’t ready or simply refuse to take something like capsules.

And they taste delicious!

The Cons of Kids Probiotic Gummies

Probiotic gummies aren’t regulated by the FDA, so it can be difficult to find a lot of information about them. 

The FDA regulates probiotics like foods, not like medications so makers of probiotic supplements are not required to show that their supplements work.

That's why it's always recommended to conduct your research - learn not only about the product but the company manufacturing the gummy. 

Taking them or giving them to your child can be a bit confusing without any recommendations for how long you should supplement with probiotics.

That's why it's always best to consult with your child's pediatrician before putting them on any probiotic regimen. 

Our Top 5 Best Probiotic Gummies for Kids 

Top Choice: Clear Buddy Organic Kids Probiotic Gummies 

Without a doubt, our #1 choice for the best organic probiotic gummy is Clear Buddy Organic Kids Probiotic Gummies

Made with the patented strain Bacillus subtilis DE111, these probiotic gummies pack a punch to any bad bacteria that hopes to make your little one feel under the weather.

They will give you peace of mind because you know that your child’s immune system is fully supported.

Not to mention, that delicious strawberry flavor is a favorite among kids!

These USDA-certified organic gummies promote healthy immune function, keep their gut bacteria balanced, and support healthy bathroom habits to keep children feeling good.

All they have to do is chew one gummy per day with food and they’re on their way to a happy, supported biome.

SmartyPants Kids Probiotic Immunity Gummies

These probiotic immunity gummies from SmartyPants actually include both prebiotics and probiotics in their gummies for double the punch.

Made with prebiotics and two different strains of probiotics, these probiotic gummies are formulated to flourish.

They claim a 95% survivability rate that ensures the probiotics will reach your child’s gut in order to give them all the benefits they require. No refrigeration is needed!

With a delicious strawberry creme flavor, it’s no wonder this one is in our top 5.

SmartyPants also keeps food allergies in mind. Their supplement is non-GMO, gluten-free, gelatin-free, and free of the eight most common allergens including milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, peanuts, wheat, fish allergens, and tree nut allergens. So they’re safe for every child.

OLLY Kids Multivitamin + Probiotic Gummy

OLLY Kids isn’t a straightforward probiotic gummy but more of a multivitamin that happens to have probiotics in it. That being said, it’s still packed with goodies for your little one’s health.

These gummies are with vitamins and minerals to help fill nutritional gaps that may exist in your child’s regular diet. It includes a blend of Vitamins A, C, D, E, Bs, and Zinc along with a super boost of probiotics to promote gut health and the immune system.

We’re not sure what flavor Yum Berry Punch is, but it sounds delicious and it’s made with no artificial colors or flavors!

up4 Kids Probiotic Gummies

Our next pick for probiotic gummies is the up4 Kids probiotic gummies, another choice that includes prebiotics along with their probiotics. But this one also comes with a Vitamin C boost for even more immune support!

Just give your kids one gummy a day for digestive and immune support that you can feel good about. These gummies prioritize clean, safe ingredients, natural flavors, and natural colors. Because prioritizing your child’s health should be that easy!

With a delicious berry flavor, these gummies are just that simple.

RenewLife Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic Gummies

Last, but not least, we have the Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic Gummies made by RenewLife.

Made with 3 billion cultures per serving and the scientifically studied B. coagulans strain, these probiotic gummies hope to bring your child optimal digestive health.

They are concerned with ensuring only the friendliest bacteria reach your little one’s gut.

These probiotic gummies are dairy-free, soy free, and made with natural fruit flavor which means a delicious surprise with every dose!

Kids Probiotic Gummies: Our Final Thoughts 

Probiotic gummies can be a healthy supplemental resource for your children. Not only do the good bacteria support their digestive and immune health, but the organic ingredients make you feel good about what you’re giving your kids.

The benefits of probiotics for children are coming out more and more every day. From supporting the immune system to reducing the risk of disease, probiotics are a great way to supplement any lifestyle.

If you are thinking about probiotics for your own child, check with their pediatrician to discuss the benefits and possible drawbacks. They will help you pick an option that is safe for your child. 

And now that you know our picks for the 5 best organic probiotic gummies, picking one out for your child is just as quick and easy as getting your kids to take them!