best Clear Inflammatory Response Probiotic Blend 2-Pack Probiotics Plus | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Inflammatory Response 2-Pack Probiotics Plus | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Inflammatory Response Probiotic Blend 2-Pack Supplements | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Inflammatory Response Probiotic Blend 2-Pack Supplements | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Inflammatory Response Probiotic Blend 2-Pack Supplements | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Inflammatory Response Probiotic Blend 2-Pack Probiotics Plus | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Inflammatory Response Probiotic Blend 2-Pack Probiotics Plus | Clear Probiotics
best Clear Inflammatory Response Probiotic Blend 2-Pack Probiotics Plus | Clear Probiotics

Clear Inflammatory Response 2-Pack

Premium ProbioticsPLUS™ Blend to Reduce Joint Pain, Inflammation, Stiffness and Fatigue
2 Pack / 60 Day Supply
• Soothes achy joints and muscles*
• Supports healthy immune function*
• Boosts gut health and regularity*
• Supports a healthy GI Tract*
• Tested for purity, potency and safety

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All Clear Probiotics supplements are Non-GMO certified, 100% Vegan, and soy, preservative, artificial flavor and color free. Our ProbioticPLUS™ formulations are backed by a 365 day money back guarantee and vigorously tested for quality and potency
Clear Probiotics makes it easy to take your probiotics plus every single day. Get no hassle subscriptions started today and watch your gut health improve. We stand behind our product with a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Suffering from Achy Joints and Muscles? GI and Bowel Issues?Then Clear Inflammatory Response is For You

ProbioticsPLUS™ blend to Promote Healthy, Balanced Immune Function

Every day, we're surrounded by inflammation triggers. Things like pollution, stress, poor diets, and viruses can all lead to inflammation in the body. When your body is inflamed, it can cause a number of chronic health issues... such as joint and muscle pain, swelling, low moods, bowel irritation, and more.

That's why we developed Clear Inflammatory Response. This formula combines premium probiotics with herbs and medicinal mushrooms to help balance your immune system and regulate your response to inflammatory triggers. If you're tired of feeling tired and achy all the time and want a natural way to boost your immune health, then Clear Inflammatory Response is for you.

Soothes achy joints and muscles

Lactobacillus casei helps balance your body's inflammatory response, reducing symptoms like aches, pains, and swelling in joints and muscles

Supports Good Gut Health

The probiotic Bifidobacterium infantis helps reset your gut bacteria, reducing gas, bloating, and bowel irritation

Protects Against Oxidative Stress

Turkey tail contains a number of powerful antioxidants, which promote immune health and reduce symptoms of inflammation

Prebiotics for total support

Turkey Tail also feeds your good bacteria, helping to further boost gut health and immune function


Powerful Inflammatory Response Support, Proven by Science

Clear Inflammatory Response is a powerful, proven remedy for joint pain, stiffness, soreness and the body's response to inflammation, powered by Probiotics

Each capsule of Clear Inflammatory Response is packed with ingredients to regulate your response to inflammatory triggers:

  • Regulates your body’s response to inflammatory triggers*
  • Soothes achy, swollen joints and sore muscles*
  • Calms GI Tract irritation*
  • Independent Laboratory Tested for purity, potency and safety
  • No GMOs, Artificial Flavors, Fillers, or Sweeteners
  • Contains: 60 capsules
  • Daily dosage: 2 capsules

Probiotic 1: L. casei (10 billion CFU)

A powerful probiotic shown to reduce joint pain and swelling, and balance inflammatory cytokines.

Read the science: Link

Probiotic 2: B. infantis (10 billion CFU)

B. infantis has been found to reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, including gas, bloating, and abdominal pain.

Read the science: Link

Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)

A medicinal mushroom rich in antioxidants, which help reduce symptoms of oxidative stress. Turkey Tail also contains polysaccharides, compounds shown to balance immune activity and suppress inflammation. In addition, it has been recognised as an effective prebiotic, thereby enhancing and complementing the benefits of the probiotics.

Read the science: Link  |  Link

Ginger root

Ginger root contains gingerol, a compound with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Gingerol has long been used to aid digestion, reduce nausea, and help fight illness.

Read the science: Link  |  Link

How To Use

Works Fast, Easy to Use

Step 1: Take 2 capsules with food, every day

Step 2: During stressful times, take another 2-capsule dose for extra protection

Step 3: Feel your digestive system and systemic health improve, and an increase in your energy levels and mood.

Store in a convenient place on the counter. No refrigeration required.

Consistency is the Key

The only way to achieve the maximum benefit of your chosen Clear Wellness 360 product is to take it every single day as suggested. Just like any other commitment to self-improvement or optimal health, commitment and consistency are the keys to success.

If you run, jog or walk to maintain optimum fitness and cardiovascular health, you already know that getting there requires a commitment to regular exercise. And you also know that you can’t achieve the optimal benefits in a single day, week, or month. You can achieve these incrementally, with noticeable results after each completed week, month and year.

As it is with Probiotics-based supplements, and nearly every other type of medicine or treatment, taking your capsules every single day will enable you to obtain the full range of benefits from your Clear Wellness 360 product. We will be with you every step, with emails that educate you on what to expect along the way, tips on how to achieve maximum health, and we will be there to answer any questions you may have.

So, keep those capsules close, take them daily, and feel the power of your Clear Wellness 360 solution!

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Don Jacks
Clear Wellness 360

Haven’t noticed any improvement in my health since taking this product. Not sure what I should expect

Probiotic FAQ's

Your most frequently asked probiotic questions, answered!

What are probiotics and why are they so beneficial?

A probiotic is a living microorganism, like bacteria or yeast. Humans contain trillions of these organisms in their digestive tract. Probiotics play a crucial role in balancing the microbial environment and improving overall digestive health. Most of the bacteria present in probiotic supplements are similar to the good bacteria that naturally occur in the human gut. When administered in adequate amounts, they deliver numerous health benefits. Probiotics help block pathogenic bacteria from establishing residence in the gut, aiding our body with digestion and maintaining gut health. They also assist our immune system in warding off infections.

How do I take Probiotics?

Follow the usage instructions on the label. Typically with Clear products, take one or 2 capsules daily, depending on the instructions on the label. Probiotics can be taken with or without food.

How do I know which probiotic supplement would be best for me to purchase?

Choosing a probiotic involves considering several key factors. These consist of the match of the strain(s) to your desired effect (most importantly), the correct therapeutic culture count (CFU count),  guaranteed testing for purity, potency and stability, clear instructions and label information, manufacture using cGMP (Good Manufacturing Principles), and a visible expiration date.

For more information, read our blog article on Choosing The Right Probiotic

Can I take a probiotic if I’m pregnant?

Some specialists do recommend for pregnant women to take daily probiotics for overall digestive health and wellbeing. If you are uncertain about whether to take a probiotic during pregnancy, it would be best to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Are there any common side effects that go along with taking probiotics?

Some people may experience gas and bloating when first taking probiotic supplements. It is a common side effect that usually subsides after a few days.

Is there a potency guarantee for your probiotics?

At Clear Probiotics, we guarantee that all of our supplements will meet their potency claim as long as they are stored properly, until the expiration date listed on the label.

Does it matter how many strains are in a probiotic, and what should I look for in terms of strains?

No - more is not necessarily better. What is most important is that the supplement with probiotics should contain strains that apply to the benefit desired, and that the CFU count is at the level that will provide the desired therapeutic effects. Many providers of probiotic supplements load up on a high number of low CFU-count probiotic strains to create the impression of high quality and effectiveness. But the truth is that one or two strains for which research shows great effectiveness for the chosen purpose are much more impactful to your health. And that is the science we follow at Clear Probiotics.

Can I take this with my daily multivitamin or other supplements?

Yes, you may take our probiotics along with multivitamins, but be sure to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before adding any new supplements to your daily routine.

You may absolutely take other supplements along with Clear Probiotics, but we do recommend consulting with your doctor or healthcare provider before adding a new supplement to your daily routine.