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Probiotics help heal cold sores on your lips | Clear Probiotics

Probiotics help heal cold sores on your lips

Oct 05, 2020

Probiotics Can Help Your Immune System Fight Off Cold Sore Outbreaks.

If you’re prone to cold sore outbreaks, it seems they appear at the most inconvenient time: just before an important event, a big test or an upcoming job interview. Coincidence? Maybe. Bad luck? Possibly. But realistically, situations like these are stressful and the virus that causes cold sores can be triggered by your physical and emotional stress. Long-term stress can even increase the frequency of your outbreaks. [1]

Clear Probiotics Help Maintain Lip Health

Want healthier looking lips? Taking a daily probiotic supplement like Clear Lip & Skin Health has benefits beyond just improved digestion. By addressing your gut health, you’ll begin improving the health and function of your body and all its systems. This includes strengthening the immune system to arm your body in the fight against illness, including cold sore outbreaks. [2] Probiotic use may benefit your skin, which is the largest system in your body and includes lip health.

Benefits of Better Lip Health

Obviously, having nice lips that are clear and issue-free is a definite benefit but ensuring their health is important. You may not be able to see just how healthy your mouth and lips are just by looking in the mirror. However, after taking probiotics every day for an extended period of time, you may notice that you feel better and get sick less often.[3] You’ll become aware that your cold sores heal faster or that the frequency of the outbreaks has decreased.

Good Bacteria for a Happy Tummy

Good lip health along with a strengthened immune system, begins in the digestive system. Your gut has its own ecosystem and maintaining the proper balance of good and bad bacteria can be the doorway to good health well beyond your belly. Giving your good bacteria a boost through probiotic use, healthy eating habits and exercise can stimulate your digestive tract and strengthen our gut microbiome along with our muscles, bones and heart.[4]

Help Heal Lip Issues with Probiotics

Adding a daily probiotic supplement like Clear Probiotics Lip & Skin Health may improve lip health by strengthening your immune system. Maintaining a healthy diet, reducing stress and getting a good night's[5] rest may work with probiotics to improve your overall health, leaving lips and skin looking and feeling healthier while helping to heal cold sores or reduce the frequency of outbreaks.  

While optimizing your lip health and beneficial gut flora through regular probiotic use may improve your cold sores, always consult a physician if your outbreaks are prolonged, severe or extremely painful.


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