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Why It Is of Paramount Importance To Choose The Right Probiotic Strains | Clear Probiotics

Why It Is So Important To Choose The Right Probiotic Strains

Mar 07, 2022

Choose the RIGHT Probiotic Strain

We have come to understand the importance of Probiotics to our systemic health as well as our gut health, and we learned about the gut-brain axis, and that a healthy gut microbiome is a key to a person’s systemic health. But not all Probiotics are the same when trying to achieve specific health benefits. There are literally millions of probiotic strains and research shows that each strain has different characteristics and, therefore, benefits for different targeted health areas.

Make Sure You are getting a Therapeutic Dosage

Don’t be blinded by products that promise “Over 20 Strains with 35 Billion CFUs”. While it might be counter-intuitive, less is often better. Why? Because science and research has shown that each strain requires a minimum daily dosage (called the Therapeutic Dosage) to be effective. And when a product screams out to you that it has 25 strains in one capsule, it is highly unlikely to be delivering the therapeutic dosage of each strain – because it is impossible to do so when many strains, such as LGG or Longum require 10 Billion CFUs per day to be effective.

You MUST have a Prebiotic

For example, in our Clear Gut & Immunity probiotic supplement, we use a medicinal mushroom, Reishi which has not only acts as a highly effective prebiotic, but also has active ingredients and metabolites to provide therapeutic help for the targeted health area – in this case, a healthy digestive system.

Reishi has been traditionally used for thousands of years to calm the digestive system and support cardiovascular health.

This is called “Symbiosis” and is part of our core theses – that scientifically choosing the right ingredients and ensuring that each one works symbiotically with the others to deliver in ONE capsule the most effective solution for the targeted health area.

This is the Clear ProbioticsPLUS™ Difference.